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Related article: Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 10:18:03 -0400 From: Subject: After The Mall ExperienceHi everyone, my name is Roger and I want to tell you about an experience I had recently with my friend Heath.Heath and I have been the best of friends for a couple of years now, and we always hang around and do things together. Last Saturday, we decided to spend a few hours at one of the local malls in my town. The mall was close enough for us to ride our bikes to.When we got to the mall we headed right to the arcade. We spent a long time playing our favorite games. I would like to have said that I kicked Heath's ass in most of the games, but unfortunately, the reverse was true. When we finished in the arcade we headed to some of the music stores. Both of us bought a couple of CD's and music videos. After that we walked the length of the mall, both stories, checking out the hot babes that were there. We even ran into Heather and Christy who were in some of our classes in school. Heath said, "Mmm, would I like to screw Heather" "Not unless, I get to her first", I laughed, "of course, Christy ain't bad either".We had been at the mall for about three hours so we both got hungry and went to the food court. Both of us got some hot wings, fries and cokes and kicked backed for a while, still taking in the sights of some of the chicks and talking about which ones we would like to nail. We were starting to get tired of doing the mall thing so we decided to go back to my house. Before we left, after the giant cokes that we drank, we both had to piss big time. We stopped by the men's room, went to the urinals and both off us were pissing like crazy. We were the only ones in there at the time. Suddenly, I said to Heath, "Why are you looking at my dick?" Heath said, "Screw you, Roger, what the hell are you talking about?" "Why would I want to look at your dick?" I smiled at him and said, "I don't know, you just were" Heath said, "Oh bullshit, let's get out of here" We zipped up our jeans and left the men's room.We hopped on our bikes and took the short ride back to my house. It was still early enough in the afternoon so Heath didn't have to go home yet. I opened the front door of my house and yelled "Mom, Dad, I'm home!" No answer. "MOM, DAD, I'M HOME!!!!" Still silence. We walked in the house and looked around for any sign of life. That's when I found the note on the kitchen table. It said "Roger, don't forget that Dad and I have gone out for a few hours. We should be home by nine. Your dinner is in the microwave ready to be heated. There is enough if you want to invite Heath. See you later tonight and behave yourself, haha. Love, Mom".Well, it looked like Heath and I had the house all to ourselves for a couple of hours. This was great because we like to have some privacy. We decided to go upstairs to my room and check out some of the CD's and music videos that we bought at the mall. In addition to that we played some computer games on my PC. Heath and I had a real special friendship.We were both sitting on the side of my bed watching videos when I decided to have some fun. I reached my arm around Heath's waist and started to tickle him. Heath, I discovered, was very ticklish and started to laugh like crazy. "What was that for?" Heath asked? "Because you were looking at my dick in the men's room at the mall," I said. With that Heath pushed me down on my bed and started to tickle me, Then we both started wrestling around on my bed. While we were wrestling, I noticed that Heath's polo shirt had moved halfway up, revealing his bare stomach. Heath works out all the time and he really has a hard stomach and great abs. Our playful wrestling continued and I must admit that whenever I got a chance, my hand would "accidentally" move to Heath's stomach. Suddenly, Heath grabbed hold of my hand and held it against his stomach for a while and then moved it up and down his chest. "Mmmm, that feels so good Rog" Heath said.Then Heath sat up and said "Hey, I got an idea, let's wrestle the way we do in gym class". I said, "That sounds like fun, problem is you don't have your gym shorts and I'm not sure mine are clean". Heath said, "Who needs gym shorts? Let's just wrestle in our underpants". "Cool", I said, "let's get ready". With that, both of us took off our shoes, socks, and jeans, and polo shirts. I had on my favorite pair of plaid boxers and Heath wore navy blue boxer briefs.We took the mattress off my bed and placed it on the floor. We got down in our wrestling positions and started the match. In gym Lolita Toplist Girls class when we would wrestle Heath would always pin me first and win because he was the strongest. This time was no exception; in no time he had me pinned to the mattress. "Got ya again", he said. "Well you may have won this time, but I will get you the next". Heath said, "Ha ha, that will never happen, wait a minute what's this I feel against my ass?" I said, "What do you mean?" With that Heath started to sing, "Roger's got a boner, Roger's got a boner". Well, I was totally embarrassed as I looked down to see my cock starting to peek out of my plaid boxers. Then I said "Well, mister smart ass, just what do you call this?" I reached down and grabbed his crotch and his hard tool was straining the fabric of his boxer briefs. "Oop's, said a red faced Heath, "I guess that makes us even" Heath then pushed me down and climbed on top of me so that both of our crotches were rubbing together.We stayed in that position for a long time, enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies. Heath then started to rub my naked chest and stomach giving me a great massage. It felt so good and my hard cock was now sticking all the way out of my boxers. Then Heath really gave me the surprise of my life. He planted a light kiss on my lips!!!! Totally in shock I put my arm around his neck and returned the kiss. It felt so good for both of us as we continued to make out for a long time. "You know what, Rog?" Heath said."I think I am in love with you". "Wow, Heath, I am so glad to hear you say that, because I always have had strong feelings for you". Heath then said, "What are we going to do about this?" "The first thing I want to do is get you out of those underpants" I said to Heath. With that I slid down the mattress and slid his boxer briefs completely off as his boner sprang up and almost hit me in the face. Heath said, "Ok, now it's my turn!" He grabbed my hard cock and lifted the waistband on my boxers and reached inside to feel my balls, which were just about ready to explode. His hot hand rubbed my balls then his fingertips worked their way up and down my shaft. I was so hot that I was starting to leak pre cum. Then Heath slid my boxers off and we were both completely naked and harder than hell.I looked at Heath's gorgeous naked body, those tight abs, and cute ass and I knew that I wanted him bad. We lay side-by-side just gazing into each other's eyes and we both knew that love was in the air. We both gently stroked each other's dicks and it was a great feeling having his hand on mine and me working his over. Heath said "Let's take it easy, I don't want to cum just yet". "Me neither", I said. Heath said, "Roger, what do you want to do next?" I told him that he was so special and that I wanted him to fuck me. The thought of that excited Heath to no end. "I'll be right back," I told Heath. I jumped up, ran to the bathroom and got a jar of Vaseline. I handed it to Heath who then instructed me to roll on my stomach. I was really feeling hot and horny now and the pre- cum was dripping more and more.Heath took some Vaseline on his fingers and started to rub some up and down the crack of my ass and then I felt his finger go inside. This all seemed like a dream to me, a dream in which I was in no hurry to wake up from. Then Heath released his fingers from my ass, went back and got some more Vaseline and started to lube his rock hard cock. By now I was really anxious to feel my lover inside of me. I spread my legs wide open and Lolita Toplist Girls felt him crawl between them. He started to push his way in. "Ow" I said, "that hurts" Yet, it was a good kind of pain. "Want me to stop?" said Heath. "No, no, keep going". Heath continued to thrust his hard dick up inside my anus. His entire cock slid in the rest of the way and main pain turned to ecstasy.Heath was fucking my ass hard and fast, pumping away like crazy at my tight asshole. In and out, in and out he went while both of our moans increased. Who would have guessed at the beginning of this day that I would be making love to my best friend? He continued pumping my ass for about five minutes that said he was getting ready to cum.I told him, "Heath, I want you to cum inside my ass, I want to feel your hot boycream". Knowing what I wanted, Heath kept going harder and faster until finally he emptied everything he had inside his balls. I could feel his hot steamy cum inside my ass. He kept pushing and pushing and emptied everything he had.With that I could feel his dick going limp as he pulled out of me. I could still feel his hot Lolita Toplist Girls juices inside. We lay back on the mattress for a little while still breathing heavy from that experience. Although Heath's dick was now limp, he saw that I was still Lolita Toplist Girls hard. He reached over a grabbed my cock and stroked it until I finally shot my load all over his hand. He licked my cum off his fingers and fed some to me.After about a half hour of cuddling up naked together, I said to him "I'm hungry let's go downstairs and get that dinner that Mom fixed for us". Heath said, "OK, pal then we can come back up here for some dessert".THE END Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Please email me at ravens1400hotmail.comThanks, Robby
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